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Who We Are


Smart Education LLC, based in Dubai, was established by a group of experienced educators from the Middle East, US and the UK in order to provide next generation content and curriculum, as well as assessment. Our main objective is delivery of learning and teaching materials to all types of educational institutions and organisations who are keen to provide their students and trainees with more localised products.

We offer high quality learning and teaching materials blended with the latest technology, for schools and institutions, in order to facilitate better learning and teaching outcomes. In doing so, we trust that our support and assistance will help our communities develop in a concise and precise fashion, attaining high standards of education, and thus, better quality of life in an ever-changing and challenging world.

How we are helping the industry

Smart Education seeks to assist countries in development and progression, by providing solutions across the continuum of education - K-12, Secondary, Tertiary, and Vocational materials across the region. Programmes and services offered by Smart are supported by the four pillars of education - Teaching, Learning, Training and Assessment.

SMART Education addresses key educational challenges by offering products & service solutions for:

  • Literacy Development
  • Enhancing Learning and Training
  • Improving Employability

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a regional leader in the education domain by providing products and services of the highest standard, which are produced within the region for the region.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist communities in acquiring and providing high standards of education, thus improving the quality of life in this fast-paced and demanding world.

Our Values

At Smart Education, we follow a set of principles that guide our actions and every aspect of our business operations.






What Customers Say

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