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Active English

8 themed worksheets for Secondary School students.

Best Commercial Practice

A course designed to take young adult learners into the heart of business English. Specific sections foster comprehension of written and spoken texts, increase knowledge of business vocabulary and usage and allow students to improve their own communicative competences.

  • Subject: ESP
  • Publisher: ELI


Big Questions is a three-level content area reading series designed for intermediate learners of English. This series aims to have students develop their abilities to read and understand nonfiction text features. As students’ reading ability grows, the importance of reading expository texts becomes greater and greater. However, expository texts are more challenging to understand as they include new concepts and content-specific vocabulary.

  • Subject: Primary
  • Publisher: Clue & Key

Bump Up! Read, Think & Speak

Bump Up!: Read, Think & Speak is a three-book reading series designed for high-intermediate learners of English. This series provides selections from literary classics from around the world at an accessible reading level. The true objective of reading these familiar stories is not merely understanding. The unique sections of the Bump Up! series will guide students to read, think, and speak. After reading each story, students will demonstrate their understanding, interpret the events and characters in the story, and express their own opinions of them. In addition, the retelling and reader’s theater activities in each unit will encourage students to develop their speaking fluency and confidence. Through the Bump Up! series, students will get the joy of reading compelling stories and learn how to interact with texts in an active way.

  • Subject: Primary
  • Publisher: Clue & Key

Change Up!

Change Up! is a topic-based course designed to accompany learners in the transition from basic users into independent users of English. The material is structured around three central phases: Experience (authentic texts), Discover (structure of language in real contexts) and Communicate (language in use).

  • Subject: Adult
  • Publisher: ELI

Crossing Cultures

An introduction to the cultures of the English Speaking World designed to capture the imagination of secondary school students.


Photocopiable worksheets to convey value-based content within the context of English language teaching.

ELI Photo Cards

75 photographic Photo Cards created to stimulate discussion in class with students from intermediate to advanced level.

ELI Picture Dictionary English

Enrich students’ English vocabulary with over 1,000

ELI Picture Dictionary English Junior

An illustrated dictionary for beginner to pre-intermediate level, early teen students.