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Active English

8 themed worksheets for Secondary School students.


Photocopiable worksheets to convey value-based content within the context of English language teaching.

ELI Photo Cards

75 photographic Photo Cards created to stimulate discussion in class with students from intermediate to advanced level.

ELI Videos

3 cartoon-based, 20 minute karaoke DVDs to capture Primary School children’s attention and practise pronunciation.

English with Crosswords

Photocopiable resources to help Secondary School students broaden their vocabulary in English.

From Games to Plays

Photocopiable games and dramatisation activities for Primary School children.

Grammar Trainer

Grammar Trainer is a 3-level series of photocopiable materials organised according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which help consolidate students’ grammar and vocabulary skills.

Green Series Photocopiable

60 photocopiable activities for young learners.

Language Trainer

A series of 2 books of photocopiable materials complete with Audio CD for development and consolidation of the four language skills. For classroom use, revision, homework or self-study.

Let’s Act

12 stories to turn into mini-plays in the English class.