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Target English

Target English

A motivating, four-level, carefully graded English course providing thorough grammar, vocabulary and skills work through content interesting for teenagers and young adults. The combination of clear, easy-to-use printed, digital and online materials and the particular attention paid to the needs of mixed-ability classes and different learning styles, make Target English readily adaptable to any teaching situation.

  • Double linguistic input: each unit opens with an initial presentation text in various formats (article, email, report). This is followed by a second presentation offering key functional language in real contexts.
  • Key grammar structures and functions clearly presented in Grammar and Function boxes.
  • A productive activity combining elements learned in the unit with students’ own personal experience.
  • Clear vocabulary in every unit.
  • Flash Forward activities keep fast finishers busy.

Special sections at each level:

Elementary Elementary

  • Starter Unit reviewing essential grammar, functions and vocabulary


  • Focus on Reading: extensive reading and comprehension activities


  • Focus on CLIL

Upper Intermediate

  • Word building, Writing reference

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