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House & Grounds

House & Grounds

House & Grounds develops the English-language skills required for a career in today’s construction, design and environmental industries. The course offers area-specific information through a wide variety of text and exercise types alongside a solid syllabus of grammar revision and vocabulary development to enable students to reach the required level of competence.

The Coursebook is organised in two parts:

Theory of Construction

  • 9 Modules focusing on the environment, urbanisation, bioarchitecture, building materials, design and planning, plumbing, heating and electrical systems, public works and jobs in the construction industry.
  • Descriptive texts introduce technical words and provide the basics of building science.
  • Authentic and adapted articles practise reading skills.
  • Careful grading of topics, grammar and vocabulary: Focus on Language.
  • Thorough development of the 4 language skills.
  • Extensive use of photographs to ensure understanding of technical aspects of English for construction.
  • Preparation for Cambridge Preliminary (PET) and First (FCE) examinations.


  • A Short History of Architecture: from Stonehenge to the Millau Viaduct.
  • Famous Masterpieces: from Canada to the United Arab Emirates, from India to Britain and the USA.

Digital Book

  • All the resources of the coursebook in interactivedigital version.
  • Link to full, online user’s guide.
  • Ideal for “heads-up” lessons on the IWB.

Teacher’s Book

  • Extensive teaching notes for each section.
  • Answer keys and transcriptions of listening materials.
  • Tests and extra resources for both stronger and weaker students.
  • CD-ROM Test-Maker with editable tests in Word© format.

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