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Pandy and Friends is a three-level English language course for pre-school children aged between 3 and 5 years old.

The program offers a wide range of materials to ensure fun lessons for very young learners, and is designed to motivate children through entertaining chants, songs, pen-to-paper activities, games, stickers and stories.

The methodology of the course is based on child-centered active learning. It is based on a spiral syllabus with frequent opportunities to revisit language and structures. The course is extremely flexible and can be adapted to fit into programs with more or fewer contact hours.

Key Features

  • Provides a global learning experience with local content connections.
  • New language acquisition is at the heart of the program.
  • Innovative, colourful and engaging resources to encourage learning.
  • Activities for all learning and teaching styles.
  • Stimulates the development of social skills and helps develop observation and oral skills.
  • Full-colour Teacher’s Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the material and carry out lessons.
  • Numbers, alphabet and letters, and phonics worksheets at every level with step-by-step teacher instructions.
  • Expanded Starter Units in Student’s Book and Activity Book.
  • Songs and class audio: numbers song; alphabet song; chants and rhymes.
  • Phonics resources: audio; poster; flashcards and colouring worksheets.
  • Stories, story cards and audio with strong focus on age-appropriate values and non-linguistic objectives (learning skills and strategies).
  • Expanded and improved Teacher’s Guide.

Available on eAlpha – LMS

eAlpha connects students and teachers, offering them a collaborative, interactive, and mobile teaming environment that impacts every aspect of education. Features and benefits include:

  • Easy to use and intuitive eLearning platform.
  • Allows you to work both online and offline with interactive content on any device.
  • Access all teacher guides, student books, practice and work books, ancillaries and assessments complete with full interactivity.
  • Navigate with ease through hyperlinked content pages.
  • Set assignments easily to whole classes or groups or individuals students.
  • Effortlessly monitor and report student progress.
  • Parent guides available.


Student Book

(includes audio and stickers)

The colourful and beautifully illustrated books are filled with activities to promote pre-reading skills, develop vocabulary, comprehension, observation and fine motor skills.

The stories link to morals and values and celebrate diversity and culture.

Reward stickers are supplied to help little learners experience a sense of achievement.

Teacher’s Guide

The full-colour Teacher’s Guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the materials (worksheets, flashcards, the Pandy puppet) and carry out lessons. It includes sections on routines
and extra ideas and material for engaging class activities. It also features the following elements:

  • Phonics lessons.
  • Reinforcement and extension activities at the end of the lessons.
  • Panda Pointers: tips and pointers to assist teachers with classroom management.
  • Lyrics for the chants and songs, as well as audio scripts for the dialogues and listening activities.
  • Pre-story and post-story pages.
  • Establish Routines section with routine chants and transitions to structure the lesson.

Teacher’s Guide – Digital

The digital book contains all the course materials for an interactive whiteboard and the ‘Heads-up’ interactive lessons.

Activity Book

(with Picture Dictionary and take-home pages)

The Activity Book accompanies the Student’s Book and reinforces each unit’s target language through a wide variety of engaging activities. Pen-to-paper activities; pre-reading and pre-writing exercises; consolidation activities and pull-out pages to help learners revise vocabulary.


Children love puppets. The Pandy puppet can be used by the teacher in a variety of ways to help present and practise language. It allows the teacher to interact and communicate with the children in their real and fantasy worlds.

Story Cards

Story Cards serve to develop comprehension and concentration skills and present values in an engaging way. They encourage active participation, while teaching values and social skills. Stories help transmit authentic rhythm and intonation: they train the ear and help the children to recognise and imitate the music of the language. The illustrations help to convey meaning, while both the context and the situation anchor the vocabulary.


The full-colour Flashcards represent the key vocabulary of the entire course. The Teacher’s Guide carries clear guidelines for using them in the presentation, practice and consolidation stages,
as well as their use in many games. Additional flashcard resources have been added to the series to assist teachers in helping children learn about the alphabet, numbers and phonics.


Pandy and Friends now has an expanded series of interactive posters which offer teachers and students visual supports in the following areas: colours and shapes, the alphabet, numbers, phonics. There is also a special ‘Pandy Playhouse’ poster.

Level 1

  • Pandy and Friends – Teacher Resources

  • Pandy and Friends – Teacher Resources – Ancillaries – Flashcards

Level 2

  • Pandy and Friends – Teacher Resources

  • Pandy and Friends – Teacher Resources – Ancillaries – Flashcards

Level 3

  • Pandy and Friends – Teacher Resources

  • Pandy and Friends – Teacher Resources – Ancillaries – Flashcards

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