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New Plus Phonics

Grades 1-5

New Plus Phonics

New Plus Phonics is an easy and fun three-book phonics series developed for high-beginners. This series introduces higher-level phonics and blending skills naturally through music, songs, words, and interesting stories. This series provides fun ways for children to interact with each other while offering explicit support for developing phonological awareness. Every element is designed for children to practice decoding skills and develop the 4 skills together.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive program designed to improve spelling, reading, listening, and writing
  • Easy and fun to teach with lots of songs, chants, stories, and activities
  • Stories that present various phonemic patterns through wonderful full-color illustrations using highfrequency vocabulary
  • Funny and engaging cartoon stories to review the entire units
  • Assessment tests every 3 units for partial check-up and 1 final test for covering all units


  • Unit Sample
  • MP3 Files
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Answer Key
  • Test
  • Flashcards

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