Super English – Reading and Writing KSA

Super English  – Reading & Writing KSA

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Super English Reading & Writing is a seven-level course specially designed for young learners of English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from starter to elementary ability. It has been developed to help learners dramatically improve both their reading and writing skills. Learners will experience stories covering a variety of genres that are both interesting and informative. Following these stories, learners will be able to create concrete pieces of writing which will incorporate the target language patterns.

Super English Reading & Writing will allow all English learners to develop the ability to read freely and to write with greater confidence.

Key Features

  • Organised guides for every stage of reading and writing instruction.
  • Vocabulary: thematically categorised, diverse selection of genres, with fun and educational stories.
  • Core grammar patterns for English learners.
  • Writing point sections with multiple exercises for accurate writing.
  • Specially developed with KSA students in mind.

Available on eAlpha – LMS

eAlpha connects students and teachers, offering them a collaborative, interactive, and mobile teaming environment that impacts every aspect of education. Features and benefits include:

  • Easy to use and intuitive eLearning platform.
  • Allows you to work both online and offline with interactive content on any device.
  • Access all teacher guides, student books, practice and work books, ancillaries and assessments complete with full interactivity.
  • Navigate with ease through hyperlinked content pages.
  • Set assignments easily to whole classes or groups or individuals students.
  • Effortlessly monitor and report student progress.
  • Parent guides available.


Student’s Book

  • Series scope and curriculum outlined for easy reference.
  • Divided into units with clear How to Use guides.
  • Each lesson contains a main story and a set of comprehension questions.
  • Repetition, wrap-up practice, and trial tests used throughout.
  • Insight into the cultures of English-speaking countries.


The Workbook provides writing exercises that will strengthen students’ knowledge of vocabulary and sentence-structure skills.

  • Contains easy-to-follow units using the same organisation as the Student’s Book.
  • Includes: trace the word, puzzles, listen and fill the blanks, and unscramble exercises.
  • Can be completed in the classroom or as homework.
  • Extra listening material in the Student’s Book audio.

Teacher’s Book

The spiral bound Teacher’s Book provides a wealth of background and support information to ensure success in the classroom.

  • Lesson support in the form of a lesson introduction, review and warm up ideas, talk and read, read and check questions to ensure students are understanding the story.
  • Step-by-step instruction for the ready to write, and read and write exercises, with pull-out ideas for follow-up questions.


Magnetic Words

Picture Dictionary

Dictionary Wall Chart

Level 1

  • Super English Reading and Writing (KSA) – Teacher Resources

Level 2

  • Super English Reading and Writing (KSA) – Teacher Resources

Level 3

  • Super English Reading and Writing (KSA) – Teacher Resources

Level 4

  • Super English Reading and Writing (KSA) – Teacher Resources

Level 5

  • Super English Reading and Writing (KSA) – Teacher Resources

Level 6

  • Super English Reading and Writing (KSA) – Teacher Resources

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