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Alpha KG Math  

Alpha KG Math  

Alpha Math for Grades K1 and K2 is a comprehensive, standards-based approach to teaching mathematics readiness skills to children in their first and second years of Kindergarten. K1 is made up of 4 volumes that teach numbers, addition and subtraction, size of objects, and shapes. K2 has 5 volumes that continue teaching numbers, delve deeper into addition and subtraction, teach measurements, and identification of shapes.

Program Highlights:

Math is a concept children start to learn before they ever enter the classroom. They become familiar with the basic mathematical ideas, such as “less & more”, “addition & subtraction” through play and daily life.

Alpha Kindergarten Math understands that while children cannot utilize the exact mathematically correct terminology and speak math fluently, they possess an awareness of the basic concepts. Alpha K Math contains colorful illustrations, stories and engaging, easy-to-do exercises guiding children to easily transition from images and concepts to symbols and numbers.

Key Features:

  • Each math domain contains its own volume. Teachers can choose which area to cover first, allowing flexibility and the opportunity to connect math instruction to themes and other subject areas.
  • The wide variety of math cards encourage the idea of the interactive classroom and enriched learning experience.
  • Home-school connection is supported by exercises and tips encouraging parental involvement.
  • The Teacher Guide is scaffolded with step-by-step instructions enabling teachers to gradually introduce concepts and plan lessons with ease.
  • Student Books
  • Teacher Guides (spiral bound)
  • Practice Book (one per grade)
  • Multiple Intelligence Activities (on cards)
  • Anchor Activities (on cards)
  • Exit Activities (on cards)
  • Flash Cards, Number Cards, and Vocabulary in Use Cards
  • Math Symbol Cards, Daily Routine Flash Cards (K2 only)

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