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Alpha KG Math  

Alpha KG Math  

Alpha Math for Grades KG1 and KG2 is a comprehensive, CCSS standards-based approach to teaching math readiness skills to children in their first and second years of Kindergarten.

KG1 is made up of 4 volumes that each cover one of the CCSS math domains. They teach numbers, addition and subtraction, size of objects, and shapes.

KG2 has 5 volumes (for the 5 CCSS KG2 math domains) that continue teaching numbers, delve deeper into addition and subtraction, measurements, and identification of shapes.

Key Features:

  • One Common Core math domain per volume.
  • Opportunity to connect math instruction to themes and other subjects.
  • Math cards for enriched learning experience.
  • Exercises and tips to support School-Home connection and parental involvement.
  • Step-by-step, scaffolded teaching instructions to gradually introduce concepts and plan lessons with ease.
  • Student Books
  • Teacher Guides (spiral bound)
  • Practice Book (one per grade)
  • Multiple Intelligence Activities (on cards)
  • Anchor Activities (on cards)
  • Exit Activities (on cards)
  • Flash Cards, Number Cards, and Vocabulary in Use Cards
  • Math Symbol Cards, Daily Routine Flash Cards (K2 only)

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