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Spelling Connections

Grades K-8

Spelling Connections 

The best way to ensure that your students become proficient spellers is through daily, explicit pattern and strategy instruction.

With Spelling Connections, your students gain all the strategies and tools they need to go beyond words—and towards a deeper understanding of language.


  • This program teaches students spelling through meaningful practice activities, technology and word sorting
  • Each level utilizes word sorting to encourage students to learn, practice and internalize key spelling patterns in a fun and self-challenging way

Core State Standards and provides everything you need to deliver complete, explicit differentiated instruction. The program


  • utilizes a five-day plan with a page-per-day format without the need for extensive planning and prep work.
  • provides meaningful instruction and practice, including differentiatedword sorts to promote higher-level skill development in thinking, phonics/vocabulary, reading, and writing.
  • integrates digital resources for engaging, relevant spelling instruction and practice, including the new Spelling Tutor, a fun and interactive way to practice, study, and master the weekly spelling

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