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Word Wisdom

Grades 3-5

Word Wisdom

Word Wisdom aligns to the Common Core State Standards for Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

Students will

  • discover the meaning of unknown and multiplemeaning words and phrases, use context clues, analyze meaningful word parts, and consult reference materials.
  • demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meanings.
  • acquire and use general academic and domainspecific words and phrases for listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


  • A complete program to teach students new vocabulary and improve comprehension
  • Each grade consists of nine 30-word units to help students learn more than 300 new vocabulary words per year
  • Student Edition provides lessons for an entire year to help students unlock, process, and apply over 300 new vocabulary words.
  • Teacher Edition provides annotated Student Edition pages, weekly and daily instructional planners, assessment blackline masters, and a correlation to the CCSS. Includes a CD-ROM with printable games and activities.
  • Classroom Poster displays the nine Context Clues Strategies. One side is for Grades 3–5; the reverse is for Grades 6–8. 22” x 33”.

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